A Day with My Granddaughter—The First Week of School

Well, one week of school under our belts and she still loves school and wants to attend! I won’t lie and tell you that every math on blackboardday has been peaches and cream—far from it. But I will tell you that somehow she seems smarter. Is that possible?

The other night my granddaughter made me laugh so hard. She was talking with my spouse.

“Okay. G.G. and I are going to work out now and then you can draw my bath,” she said.

Draw her bath? Whose kid is this?! We laughed, not at her, but just at the mature phrase she was using! We had probably never said we were going to “draw her bath.” I loved it!

Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic

I’m not really sure who came up with the 3 “R’s”, but they obviously did not do very well in spelling class!

The three “R’s” are the fundamentals of education—if you can do these three things, you can pretty much do anything in life. She is starting to ask what words are now. I like that. She can recognize a few smaller ones like cat and dog. She can also spell her own name and recognizes the letters of her name is she sees them in another word.

DaycareIt is really awesome watching her catch onto concepts and themes and then use them in the proper way. Of course, she has been able to do that since she could first speak, but now it just seems more “real” if that makes sense.

It is fun to watch her display her knowledge of the simple concepts of math like “1 plus 1 equals 2.”

Through our local library there is a program called “1000 Books Before Kindergarten“. This program emphasizes the importance of reading to your children. We read over 1000 books to our granddaughter before she started kindergarten this year. We started the program when she was two. It was fun to read all sorts of stories to her ranging from the Dr. Seuss classics to the modern favorites.

I think her favorite part of school is that she doesn’t have to go to daycare all day anymore! She still spends the day with one of the other girls from daycare, but she is also spending time with other children. She gets dropped off at daycare after school, but she is “tolerating” it pretty well.

A Scary Day

running for the school busThis always happens the first week of school. Someone gets on the wrong bus or gets off the bus at the wrong place. Well, it happened on day 3. I was grateful it wasn’t my granddaughter who got on the wrong bus, but it was her little friend at daycare which was quite scary, too.

I was still at work when I received a call from the bus company wondering if perchance another little girl had gotten off the bus with my granddaughter. I said I didn’t know because I was still at work and that she got off at daycare.

Well, long story short, the other girl had decided to switch buses because another little girl in their class was feeling very sad because she didn’t have anyone to sit on her bus with her!

Her heart was in the right place, but her head didn’t understand the consequences.

My granddaughter on the other hand, said that she will ride the correct bus no matter what. I hope so!

A Good Week All in All

We got through the first week without any major catastrophes! I am feeling a little more at ease sending her to school on the bus. There are always worries, but I think we are raising a pretty smart little girl who will be able to make it in this world called “kindergarten!”

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G.G. and JazAbout the author

Karin Nauber, “G.G.” is a professional journalist who has worked in the newspaper business for the past 27 years. She is also a grandmother who, along with her spouse, is raising one of their granddaughters. G.G. has five grandchildren with whom she enjoys spending as much time as possible. She began this website with the hope of helping other grandparents who may be struggling with their role as parent/grandparents. If you would like to contact her, please do so at: gg@grandparentssecondstory.com.



  1. Seems so long ago when my daughters were heading out to their first day of school. It is great fun when they start coming up with phrases and comments that they’ve created on their own. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I always enjoy reading your stories.

    • Lynne,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It is always a joy to hear from other parents who are experiencing or have experienced what you are going through! Since a lot of this is new to me, I love to hear about the experiences of others.
      It is so funny listening to her play with her dolls and the way she has them communicate mimicking the way adults talk.
      Thank you again!

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing. My little girl is in her third week of kindergarten and she loves it. She doesn’t want to miss a day of it. Unlike pre-k and daycare she most of the time would get upset about it the night before, but would still have a good day. It Is very comical, our little girl as of late has been mimicking phrases “Excuse me sir, thank you sir” and ” If you don’t stop talking I’m going to pull my hair out”. I can’t help but laugh this coming from a 5yr old.
    Thank you again for sharing

    • Thank you for your comments, Donald! It is so funny when they mimic phrases! I don’t know where she heard about “drawing her bath” but that left us in stitches!

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

  3. Hi Karin,

    What an inspiring story. I can’t imagine reading a 1000 books for a kid before kindergarten. I would definitely try that some day if I become a gran parent.
    It is so fun to see kids growing especially when they are trying to grasp the simple concepts that we take for granted.
    Then there is the surprise that they throw in when they suddenly show maturity.

    I am so happy for you and I hope your grand daughter grow to be something you would be proud of.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments. It wasn’t always easy, but we told ourselves that we would read as often as we could and at least daily. Usually it would end up being 2-3 books a day!

      I know she will grow to make me a proud grandma!

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

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