A Day with my granddaughter—Trying something new

So, tonight my granddaughter and I tried out her new Polaroid telescope. It was a fairly overcast night, so we couldn’t see a lot, but even if we saw nothing, we were able to spend the time together and that was the important part.telescope

It is interesting how certain activities seem to bring you closer to your child/grandchild. As we looked around for stars and the moon, we talked about school which will be starting soon. We talked about how fun it will be to be able to share some of our observations through our telescope with her classmates.

She liked these ideas.

It was a good experience because she was more than willing to share. At times, she can be a bit impossible when it comes to sharing! But tonight, whenever I wanted to take a look, she would turn the telescope toward me and say, “Here, G.G.”

It made me feel like I was doing something right!

The Polaroid Telescope: a sort of review!

We got the telescope for our granddaughter this past weekend. We thought this would be a good learning tool for her that would also give us the opportunity to spend time together.

The model we have is a 75x/150x Refractor Telescope. This and very similar model/brands run around $15-$30.

It features:

  • Interchangeable 75x and 150x Eyepiece Lenses
  • 3x Finder Scope to Locate Objects
  • Lightweight Durable Construction
  • Full-sized Adjustable Tripod
  • Mirrored Diagonal Eyepiece for Easy Viewing
  • Quick Screw-Type Assembly
  • Great for Seeing Stars, Planets and Constellations

It was very easy to put together. I didn’t have any instructions and I didn’t need them, either. This unit and others like it including the Vivitar brand 75x/150x Refractor Telescope, are excellent for beginners and their grandmas!

We were able to look at a few things, but because it was too overcast to see any stars, we weren’t able to see if the telescope had high quality views or not. Like I said earlier, even though we didn’t see much, it was the time spent together that was the important part—the bonding part!

We are hoping to take the telescope out again soon and test it out when it isn’t overcast. We are aiming for this weekend! Another thing that the telescope booklet advised was getting away from lights. Since we live in town, I think we’ll take it out to my parent’s farm and see what we can view out there!

Raising Grandkids who are Curious

My granddaughter is very curious. She wants to explore her surroundings and find out what makes things work, or not work.

I encourage this in her because I know it will help her throughout her life as she enters school, college and a career.

Getting smaller educational items, like a telescope can be very advantageous to their pursuit of knowledge. She will be able to explore the world beyond us and get to know the planets and constellations and other heavenly bodies.

Getting and using a telescope also gives her another good reason to be outdoors and enjoy the refreshing air that we enjoy in our “neck of the woods.”

If you want your grandchildren/children to be curious, let them ask questions, let them explore (safely), let them find out what their world is all about (safety first! I cannot stress this enough).

We are hoping that our telescope will be one of the first building blocks that she has to build a solid interest in the world beyond earth and what all the planets and stars and UFOs out there mean to our planet.

Tying it all Together

We had a lot of fun on our initial test of the telescope and anticipate a lot more fun times to come. If you are interested in checking out some telescopes of varying price range, brand and various magnification strength, please feel free to click the link below to go to Amazon. They have a wide range of telescopes from beginner models like the one listed above, to some very high-end telescopes which will allow you to explore even further.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Please leave questions or comments below and I will get back to you very soon!


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  1. Hi Karin,

    My grandpa had a telescope too
    And he would let me watch the sky just before bedrime
    Told me about the man in the moon and made my dreams so sweet
    He also asked le to help feed the birds and water the plants… and teached me nature.
    Sweet memories coming back when reading your stories
    Thank you

    • Fleeky,

      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and for sharing your beautiful memories of your grandpa!

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

  2. I grew up with my grandmother close to me, we had another type of bonding since this thing was not common during those days. Now I will be considering bonding with my daughter over a telescope,something new for us to try.

    • Gillian,

      There are so many awesome and incredible ways to bond with our little people! Enjoy your telescope! I think you and your daughter will love it!

      Best wishes,
      Karin 🙂

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