Feeling good about life—Rain, rain go away come again another day

rainWe couldn’t go outside to play yesterday because it rained all day long. I guess we could have gotten all depressed because of it, but we didn’t.

Instead, we found other things to do. We played games and read stories and even made up a few of our own.

We were never promised a life without struggle. Since the beginning of time, there has been struggle. The Bible talks about the struggles we have had for all time (most of the struggles brought about by ourselves).

But yesterday was not a struggle. It was a good day. We laughed, we played. We hugged and we cared about each other. Later in the evening, even though it was still intermittently raining, we went out for dinner and then a little shopping. Our granddaughter calls it the “Chinese and WalMart” night. We do this nearly every Friday since she was about two.

It’s really funny because she will make up songs about it. She will brag to the daycare kids that she gets to go to “Chinese and Walmart.” After we eat and head on over to Walmart, she wants to head directly to the toy section! Of course. We will usually get her a little something while we are there, but not always.

Sometimes we have to say “no.”

She hates it when we say “no,” but she is learning that there are reasons we say “no” and then stick to it. She’s five and knows that she is spoiled! She likes to turn on the water-works when she doesn’t get her way. But we want her to be able to handle “no” and other rejections that will come in her life, so we use these experiences to teach her the way she should go.

It isn’t easy, though. When the tears start to pour down her face, it just about breaks my heart. I have to be strong so I don’t give in! Sometimes, if she throws a tantrum, I want to just give in because it can be downright embarrassing to have a child have a “meltdown” in a store. But I remind myself that she only learns how to get her way again—if I give in—so I persevere and hold fast to my “no.”

Last night, she picked two toys she wanted. I told her she had to decide. I didn’t tell her the cost of either one—one was $9.98 and the other was $2.99. She studied the toys. Her eyes darted back and forth looking at the toys.

Eventually, and much to my surprise, she chose the one that was less expensive. Typically, she will pick the more expensive of any two choices. But this time, she proved my theory wrong!

She has been playing with the new toy since we purchased it. That is pretty good for $2.99!

Today, when you are thinking about your choices of things to do with your grandchild or child, just remember that there are so many things that you can do with a child that don’t cost money—like telling stories or reading books or playing games. You can have a great day without going anywhere.

My granddaughter loves her “stay at home days!”

Honestly, so do I!



  1. Hello,
    I love this article, I always struggle with saying no to my own kids when we are out and about. They do not often ask for toys now that they are older, just the same it is still hard to say no.
    I love that she chose the $2.99 toy!
    Are their special times where you allow her to choose any toy?
    We do that for birthdays rather than trying to guess what it is they would like, we set a limit on price point and allow the kids to choose a toy or item they would really like.

    • I was simply amazed that she chose the less expensive toy!
      For birthdays or other special holidays, we ask her what she would like and make a list. I will give her a toy catalog and she can cut out or circle the items she wants. Then we can have a really good idea what she wants. She doesn’t get everything she wants, but she usually is pretty happy with what she gets!

  2. Great post. We get a lot of rain in Scotland and so have to have a fair few ‘stay at home’ days. My daughter loves them! I completely agree with you about not giving in to tantrums, have you found anything else that works to manage them?

    • Most of the time a hug works. I don’t know why, but just a comforting hug has stopped the most aggressive of tantrums. She still doesn’t get what she thinks she wants. But maybe, what she really wanted in the first place was a hug! 🙂

  3. I can’t agree with you more, and thank you for the advice. I never had any kids of my own but I am a step father. It kills me just as much inside as if they are my own, because I see and feel them as my own. I need to let go of always buying them a gift to please them. From this day on I’m sure I will become a wonderful story teller, and get my hide and seek legs back on LoL. Thank you karin for this amazing lesson.

    • You are welcome. I came into my family as a step-mom. It’s been a lot of fun, but I never thought of them as step-kids, just my kids. Having my granddaughter live with us has been like having the child I was never blessed to give birth to. We’ve had her six she was six months old full-time, so it has been amazing for me. As much as they love the toys, they love our time even more!

  4. I have always gotten more energy when it rains, not really sure why, though. Try playing in the rain sometime. Just as long as there is no lighting, though.

    I know what you’re saying about telling kids no. It hurts but it’s good because it will help them later on in life. I have to do it from time to time with my nephews. It’s vital that kids learn the value of money, though. Otherwise when they grow up they won’t realize the value of the dollar.

    • I love to play in the rain!

      My granddaughter is absolutely convinced that I am rich! It has been a challenge to work with her on what money means, but she is slowly getting it!

  5. When it rains, I don’t know why but I feel really good. I really appreciate these thoughts and gave something to think today.

    • I used to have a screen saver on my computer that was a thunderstorm. I added the text, “I’m only happy when it rains.”
      Have a great day!

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